MEG (Magnetoencephalography)

  • In Kyoto University Hospital, we have 306-channel whole-head MEG system (Vectorview, MEGIN Oy) currently working for clinical and research purposes.
  • MEG is covered by public health insurance in Japan (code D236-3.)
  • To get MEG exam for clinical purposes:
    • If you live in Japan and have public health insurance, ask your primary physician for referral, showing the Japanese version of this page.
    • If you live overseas and do not have public health insurance:
      • You will reach us by email: meg_room@kuhp・kyoto-u・ac・jp (replace “@” and “・” with an at mark and full stops.)
      • Letter of reference from your primary physician is required to obtain medical condition.
      • Epilepsy coordinator will also give advice for your hospital visits.
      • We do not provide travel support or stay.  Ask your travel agency for assistance.
    • For payment and billing, check this page.

Photo of VectoreView

(Provided by MEGIN Oy)

Epilepsy spike dipoles sample