1)Offering the optimal education and research to Japanese and foreign physicians

■ EEG/Epilepsy fellowship

 With great support by the Department of Neurology, we have set up the EEG/Epilepsy fellowship for training young neurologists, neurosurgeons, pediatricians, and psychiatrists. Three adult neurologists and one pediatric neurologist have already completed this fellowship. Our education covers various fields of epileptology with a focus on clinical neurophysiology. We plan to welcome foreign young doctors for fellowship training as well.
 Contents of the fellowship program are listed as follows;
1)Training of routine EEG reading (emergency EEG as well)
2)Analysis of the long-term video-EEG monitoring for diagnosis and presurgical evaluation
3)Clinical practice of adult epilepsy
4)Training of medical treatment with anti-epileptic drugs

Graduates of EEG/Epilepsy fellowship
Reiko Tsuda (from June 2011 to August 2011)
Hajime Yoshimura (from July 2015 – September 2015)
Current Trainee of EEG/Epilepsy fellowship
Takeshi Inoue (from April 2013 to March 2016)
Tsuyoshi Tsukada (from October 2015 – March 2016)
Daiki Fujii (from September 2014 – November 2014, from February 2016 – )

■ Intramural, multidisciplinary monthly case conference

 In cooperation of the Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Diagnostic Radiology, Psychiatry,Rehabilitation, and Clinical Laboratory Medicine, and Human Brain Research Center, we have been holding the intramural, multidisciplinary monthly case conference for more than a decade. In the conference, we discuss the diagnosis and surgical indication of epilepsy patients for comprehensive epilepsy practice as a tertiary epilepsy special facility. The numbers of participants and the discussion cases are getting larger. As a training facility certified by Japan Epilepsy Society (JES), this conference is open for doctors outside the hospital to discuss their problem case or to obtain the credit to apply board examination of JES-certified epileptologist.

■ EEG conferences and so on

 For our graduate students and EEG/Epilepsy fellows, we have been offering multifaceted educational and research trainings, such as EEG reading skills in EEG conferences twice a week, seeing outpatients and inpatients with staffs, and epilepsy/clinical neurophysiology researches. One EEG conference and research conference are held in English for training skills in English presentation. The other conference is held in Japanese and open for the in-hospital technicians and out-hospital doctors for providing them with training opportunities for the practical basic EEG reading skills (about 30-40 participants).

■ Specialist training

 In the fiscal year 2014, our department produced 5 board-certified epileptologists (JES), and 1 board-certified neurophysiologist (EEG part, Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology).

■ Extramural workshops

 Regarding educational activities outside the institute, as the secretary office in general, we have organized the district EEG & EMG teaching course for the young doctors and technicians in Kansai (Kansai EEG & EMG workshop) every year since 2008. We also have provided educational activities by complying the request of lectures nationwidely (please refer to the achievements for details).    Both staffs regularly teach EEG reading and epileptology at the affiliated

2)Offering medical staffs’ education for caring of epilepsy patients

 In the Kyoto University Hospital, we have offered education for epilepsy and related disorders to doctors and medical staffs. For the medical staffs in the Neurology clinic and ward, we hold comprehensive monthly lectures about pathophysiology of epilepsy, seizure semiology, and medical care of patients living with epilepsy.

3)Providing patients, family and society with valuable information

 We have responded to the request by the patients, family, and society in cooperation with Japan Epilepsy Association. For example, we have joined the lectures sponsored by Japan Epilepsy Association for the public, and also the continuing medical education lectures for physicians by Japan Medical Association.

Interdisciplinary monthly case conference
EEG reading room (Department of Neurology)
Lecture for medical staffs in the Neurology clinic
Recruitment of EEG/Epilepsy fellowship